Why Monitor Base? Ask yourself this…

  1. How are you staying in touch with your past client data base?
  2. How do you know when they are ready to buy or sell?
  3. Are you calling them or are you waiting for them to call you?
  4. Do you want to be the neighborhood realtor?
  5. How are you identifying what homes have the highest probability of responding to your marketing campaigns?

How We Work Together

Any client referrals or borrowers that are not credit qualified are enrolled into a program which helps to monitor their credit activity and will send a notification when they meet the credit standards with a firm offer of credit mailed back and then the referral is turned back to the realtor.

How To Get Started!

  • Call me to set up an account.
  • Monitoring takes 25-30 days to start the predictive monitoring cycle.
  • Once a client is identified or led the firm offer of credit letter is provided to the client.
  • I call the client to follow up on the inquiry and start the pre-qualification process.
  • I notify realtor to figure out best plan of action.
  • Call, send a personal mail piece, knock on door. (Neighborhood Discount Program).
  • Sell home, Buy—CLOSE a new deal.

ALL FREE AS A PARTNER –  I pay for the leads and drive them back to you!

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